Tina (teenage9psycho) wrote in psychographics,

#1 Icons

*comment if taking (feedback is always nice)
*don't hotlink

[+7] brody dalle
[+5] stock icons (animals, pets, london)

[+1] [+2]

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*feel free to request a tutorial
Tags: animals, brody dalle, icons, london, pets, stock icons
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i really like these.
saving in memories.
thx :)

Deleted comment

aww.. thx a lot

Deleted comment

I love these, snagged 2-6 I'll credit when I use em.

By the way, how do you get the borders on there? I used to be able to do that but I haven't done it in awhile...so I forgot :\
i was bored and used ur question for the first tutorial ;) lol
im in love with those borders right now


September 27 2006, 01:42:24 UTC 11 years ago

i took a few, I'll be sure to credit you though :]
Love 'em! Taking 2&4, thanks!
taking #1
will credit.